The State Of The Bitcoin Union

OpinionBitcoiners are on the brink of great change. They have a distributed code that creates common values. Is this what Bitcoiners are or are becoming? Bitcoiners are by default political, regardless of whether they like it or not. If you believe in sound currency and you act on that belief by investing your time, energy, intellect and emotion into space, then you are directly opposed to the current world order. But are we all very similar? Yes! Yes! If we accept that homogeneity is an abstraction and not limited to physical genetic origins. Our shared loyalty to eternal values such as love, peace and fairness binds us together as a nation. We are able to voluntarily follow the rules of law set forth in the Bitcoin protocol. This code of honor rewards the practice of these values and punishes those who violate it. Do we inhabit a sovereign state? I believe the answer is “yes” in the abstract. By definition, Bitcoiners are sovereign individuals. By eschewing Keynesian economics and its fiat currency system, Modern Monetary Theory(MMT), that corrupts all it touches, we declare ourselves sovereign over our wealth and destinies. This kind of talk is called “fightin’ words” if it reaches the ears the King Georges of this world, who declare themselves to be sovereign over us. We are revolutionaries in every sense of the term and are at war against those who want to enslave. Although we don’t commit any physical violence, the fiat elites are furious at our existence and our thought crimes. We can point to January 3, 2009 as the date the nation was created with the Genesis block. Since then, we have been developing and gestating as body and soul, hidden within the wombs of cryptographic code, and protected from prying eyes. The day of birth is near with all the associated labor pains. Although it appears that we have escaped the abortionists, will we be able to fear the crisis of birth as our enemies unleash all their weapons? The ESG disinformation peddlers and the global banking establishment, along with their minions in government and their vicious enforcers, are not going to just declare victory and allow us to continue our journey in peace. Some people talk about forming a Bitcoin political Party. While this may sound appealing at first, Bitcoiners are global citizens. If you continue to follow the logic, you can even say that we have a world government. One that isn’t dependent on any other government seeking world dominance. “Bitcoinia”, which is truly sovereign, gives us the potential to become sovereign individuals. If you will, we have plural citizenship. I am a citizen of the USA, of Bitcoinia and the Kingdom of God (a.k.a. the Kingdom of Heaven). One is digital, one is natural, and one spiritual — a trifecta if sovereign allegiances. Bitcoin is something unique and powerful enough that it can change the world. I would declare the exact same for “Bitcoinians.” We are utterly unique as a nation and yet the largest union of peoples in human history. There are many things that we disagree on. For example, how to promote nocoiners, what adjectives to use to describe altcoin scammers, or how much privacy we are willing give up in order to institutional adoption and hyperbitcoinization. We are a unlikely group of the most wealthy, educated of all races and creeds, as well as some of the most unbanked and poorest of the poor, who long for the freedom and pure water of their God-given liberty. We want to make our own decisions and not be controlled by a gang of self-anointed oligarchs. This might seem impossible even to the most ardent libertarian. Yet, here we are. There are many possibilities, and the potential for good in the world “simply by fixing the money” is beyond measure. This doesn’t mean that this miracle protocol is the answer to all world’s problems, but it is a great platform from which to launch the revolution. We are both witnesses and participants in an unprecedented historical turn that promises to end endless wars, global productivity, and full economic prosperity. How does this look in real life? Enjoy the show, people! This is Phil Snyder’s guest post. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.Tagsterms:PoliticsIdeascultural


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