The Chaffening

This article is the main story in Bitcoin Magazine’s “The Orange Party Issue”. Click here to subscribe now. It’s amazing how easy access to information has made it possible for people to educate themselves to the point that it is becoming a problem to the ruling class. Perhaps that’s why they are trying to make the public discourse insane. Let’s talk. My uncle was an old-school conspiracy theorist. He worked tirelessly breaking coal with a pickaxe searching for diamonds, compared to how fortunate we are today. An intelligent man, former Army Ranger turned long-haul trucker. An autodidact, self-educated man; the “anon” profile. He was constantly consuming information in the pre-internet age. He is my subject matter expert for everything to do with the Trilateral Commission or the militia movement stuff from the 1990s. It was difficult to learn these things back then. It was necessary to meet people face-to-face and receive information from them at gun shows, gun shows, etc. You had to physically go and buy books, as e-books weren’t available. He also filled the gap with talk radio and CB radio, with other truckers. It’s amazing to see how truckers can be either dumb as bricks, or wandering sages with an astronomical intelligence. They are both on the opposite end of the bell curve, just like Combat Arms in military. My main point, as other 30-something and 40-something anons will attest, was that information is moving so fast and has become so easy that people are navigating the information waterslide at breakneck speed. You used to be a normie and then you became a member of an “alternate” political/belief “tunnel that was well-kept but not widely known. You might have been a libertarian, or even experienced a Marxist phase. You may have become more conservative, then RW, and then more esoteric once you get down to the core. This used to take a decade or more. Zoomers are becoming more sophisticated than the lolberts of two years ago, who were buying Hawaiian shirts and larping over the “boog”, and now they’re reading esoteric books and political theory books. They were very close to normie four years ago, and now they are reading Uncle Ted and Evola material. This is also affecting the real world in a very significant way. @MogTheUrbanite spoke earlier about how his church is openly discussing Klaus Schwab/WEF/GreatReset shit, demons, and other matters of fact. Youngsters might not realize how important this is. My political awareness was in an area where most people thought George Soros was a hedge-fund manager. People called me a tinfoil antisemite crank if you mentioned the names “Rothschild”, “Soros” or “Rothschild”. You can see that Newt Gingrich was literally yanked mid-interview because he spoke conspiratorially about Soros. Although this was not a long time ago, enough people knew about it by then. This is a significant change that can be observed over a decade. This is a major change from the status quo. Information access has been completely out of the control of traditional gatekeepers. The suppression of conspiratorial networks has, in most cases, been defeated. Electronic warfare terms refer to the enemy switching from jamming a specific frequency to jamming all frequencies with white noise. This is just insane. This is evident most clearly on the chans, and especially /pol/. Reddit had central points for moderation that they could easily control. Conde Nast executives at strategic level and subreddit moderators tactical level. They were easy. But 4chan was a different beast. There is no “karma” or “downvotes”, and everyone posts anonymously so you can’t ban accounts other people hold dear and replace them with yours. It’s “pissing on an ocean of piss”, like we used to say. The site’s real problem, and what probably costs the authorities a lot of money, was trolling, constant info-ops and stupid BBC threads. Making 4chan suck did exactly what anons said it would, which was to drive us from our containment site. The chans fell on the sword, losing their hermeticism that allowed deep autistic discussion, ops, and a lot more. However, the “anon reality tunnel”, which is what drove 4chan suck off its containment site, did what anons always predicted. They covered the walls, windows, and door with a horrible mess that they couldn’t clean up or put in the box. We now have zoomers speedrunning political theories that millennial anons pioneered through a process that took almost ten years. Kaczynski, 22 years old, laughing and posting with their friends about ancient rites and long-dead philosophers. Beautiful. It is beautiful. It is unbelievable, especially for zoomers who haven’t been around for long enough to see it. In the mid-’00s, ARs and any other semi-automatic rifles were rare. Very few people had night vision or body armor, and virtually no one was gunfighting as a casual hobby. We were all arguing about “Is the Iraq War really necessary?” or “Is it another cynical, oil-play?” Are muslims really trying to destroy us? How much is this going to cost? The PATRIOT Act was akin to today’s thin blue line cult fighting with those who want you canceled. The legitimacy of various government appendages is now being questioned by the whole country. While the left-leaning libs are calling SCOTUS illegitimate while the majority of the right call 2020 illegitimate and the congress corrupt, the libs on the Left are calling SCOTUS illegitimate. Even though the world has become a lot more clownish, the general public is four times as educated now than it was back then. It’s a lot to think about. Random contacts IRL appear on my phone with the message “Welcome them Signal/Telegram!” 24/7. There’s so much awareness nowadays compared to when there was almost none. There is no “fringe” anymore. You can only be cringe. The world is fucking insane and you can solve any problem that people don’t know exists. This ideological battlespace is impossible to conquer for the regime. It is too expensive to conquer it all like they did in the days before TV and Radio. It’s broken up into a million different ideologies. You can conquer a fief at great cost, but not all of them. They fire digital chaff in all directions, playing whack-amole with high-engagement nodes which could or are threats. The enemy is now reacting to defend themselves and not proactively steering the course. This is the Titanic, and we are the iceberg. They pop chaff every time they try a new psyop. Pattern recognition kicks in and fewer people fall for it. A lot of people recover faster and stop being fooled quicker, and fewer people fall for the next one. They are stuck in a reactive OODA loop and they don’t want to get out. Here we are. How many Americans would be shocked if 9/11 happened today? How many would you question it? And how many would accuse our government of being involved in the attack on September 11th? You can do it again and again. It’s amazing how much has changed. If you enjoyed this thread, you can check me out at where I review fiction and kids books for anons and mostly *by* anons.


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