Survey: Michael Saylor is the Bitcoin Twitter Personality of The Year: Michael Saylor

The first annual survey by Bitcoin Magazine also found that Bitcoiners place more importance on BTC-related policies than party in politics. The majority of respondents considered themselves Bitcoin maximalists (56.2%). Over 68% of respondents also own other cryptocurrency. Interestingly, 60% of respondents said they would prefer to purchase products from Bitcoin-only businesses. The survey was designed to gather feedback from the community about Bitcoin Magazine’s content and to better understand user preferences. Top choices were Binance (34.8%) and Coinbase (20.6%), FTX (7.4%), and Kraken (6.6%). FTX’s preference will naturally drop to zero after the exchange filed for bankruptcy less than a month after the survey. Peer-to–peer (P2P), which closely matches Bitcoin’s intended design of transactions with no intermediaries, was only 18.7% of respondents. However, the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s overlay network for faster, cheaper transfers, was strongly adopted by 18.7%. 70% of respondents said they had made at least one Lightning transaction. Users preferred to use Wallet of Satoshi (27.1%) Muun Wallet (25.4%), and Blue Wallet (23.7%). Mining participation was, unsurprisingly, more timid. Due to the technical difficulties of setting up an ASIC miner at their home, only 12.6% said they mine bitcoin at home. This is about half the number of people who have their own nodes, which is more than a quarter (24.5%). Trezor (16.4%), Coldcard (10.2%) and Ledger (43.7%) are the preferred hardware wallets. Only 28.1% of respondents said that Twitter was their main channel for learning and consuming industry data. Respondents voted Michael Saylor as the Twitter personality and year (48.9%), with Yellow (10.1%) and Natalie Brunell (8.7%). Podcasts were close behind at 26.4 percent, with Peter McCormack’s “What Bitcoin Did” being the most popular. Video was third (22.2%). Video was third (22.2%). Only 17.3% of respondents didn’t advocate for Bitcoin at all and preferred instead to keep quiet on the matter.Tagsterms:SurveyTwittermichael saylorBitcoin magazine


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