Samuel Adams’ Vision for Revolution Fits Into A Blockchain Economy

Part one can be found here. This opinion editorial is by Frank Nuessle. He was previously a TV executive and university professor. It explores the lessons that Samuel Adams provided about the American Revolution and how this framing can help to accelerate the development of the vibrant American cryptocurrency economy. Part one is available here. The United States has the greatest to lose with the imminent destruction of the U.S. Petrodollar system. My research and conversation focuses on the question: “What social system design will allow for the viral growth a Bitcoin economy in the United States?” The story of the American bitcoin industry is crucial to the viral growth of a sound money system. In Western civilization at that time, a king was considered a god and was to have his worship. The divine right to kings paradigm had captured the imagination of mankind and ruled Europe for 500 year. There was also a Spanish Empire, British Empire, and French Empire. Each one had its own king. This is why Europe was always at war. How many worlds can have so many divine kings? Adams destroyed that paradigm because he understood that America’s struggle to be independent was a spiritual struggle. He believed self-government and freedom were essential for self governance. The essential qualities of self-government were integrity and selflessness, respect for all people, respect for the community, and mutual aid. Dee Hock, founder of Visa, stated that money is only a tool and should not be viewed as a status symbol. He wrote: “The organization of tomorrow will be the embodiment a community based upon shared purpose calling to higher aspirations. Hock was the president of a small bank in Seattle when he purchased a failing credit card company franchised by Bank of America. He founded VISA within three years. This was to revive the fledgling credit card industry, which was in decline at the time. VISA was the most successful commercial enterprise on Earth. Hock’s vision cannot be realized if we continue to live in the same paradigm as the robber barons: Financial capital is sacred. This scarcity mindset is also the main barrier to convincing Bitcoin Skeptics. A direct assault on a skeptic’s beliefs only increases their fear and resistance. Something needs to change. We must address something deeper. This is the problem at the heart and cause of the fiat currency paradigm and the scarcity that it creates. As the fiat currency paradigm ages, serious cracks begin to show. My late friend Joseph Chilton Pierce used the phrase, “A miracle” to describe the crack that allows light to shine through from an even brighter reality. This crack is a sign that the bigger reality is near, and that it is greater than you can imagine. It is both a glimpse of the future and a promise. The Bitcoin Revolution starts when we are open to imagining a new kind of economy, a new kind of world. Bitcoiners need to open up a door to a larger, more beautiful world. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.


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