Pouch.ph and Coins.ph to Host the Philippines’ First-Ever Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay

The retreat will bring together the top players in Bitcoin industry and give attendees the chance to network, discuss Bitcoin, and win a BTC bounty. Payment processor Pouch.ph (exchange Coins.ph) and host of the first ever Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay, the Philippines, announced their partnership. The event will be held in Boracay, Philippines, from March 27 to 29, 2023. It will host a number of bitcoin enthusiasts, investors, thought leaders, and developers from all over the world. According to a press release sent by Bitcoin Magazine, the retreat will allow attendees to network, discuss Bitcoin, and interact with key industry players.

Boracay has grown to be one of the most livable and largest Bitcoin communities in the world over the past year. The island hosts over 250 locations that can accept Bitcoin payments. This island is a hub of merchants and enthusiasts who want to take advantage the Lightning Network’s benefits. Ethan Rose, founder and CEO at Pouch.ph and Elijah Tan (VP of operations at Coins.ph), will lead the trailblazers of the Bitcoin industry. The event will also feature Jack Lee, founder and CEO of HCM Capital, and an early investor at Digital Currency Group; Augustus Ilag (a cryptocurrency investor who previously led Sequoia Capital’s Southeast Asia crypto practice); and Jiro Reyes (crypto educator), who founded Bitskwela. The Bitcoin Island Retreat offers a unique opportunity to the Philippine crypto community to meet and discuss the future of Bitcoin. This retreat is expected be a landmark event that will be remembered over the years. To reserve a spot, interested parties can visit https://pouch.ph/retreatrsvp.


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