Persuasion is better than force when explaining Bitcoin

Brooks Lockett is a freelance writer and Bitcoiner. This opinion editorial was written by Brooks Lockett. Have you ever accidentally dissuaded someone from Bitcoin? What didn’t work? The frustrating reality that 99 percent of people still don’t get Bitcoin is leading many Bitcoiners to conclude there is no cure for Cassandra’s Curse except patience and time. Cassandra’s Curse meaning that — despite the dangerously-close-to-collapse state of the fiat monetary system — the masses still haven’t discovered that a viable solution exists in Bitcoin.Yes, it’s early. It’s actually quite Embryonic. There are thousands of teachable moments. There are thousands of teachable moments. The Backfire Effect is especially vulnerable because Bitcoin challenges preexisting beliefs. It is up to the Bitcoin community not to perceive the technology as unwelcome evidence of or threats to their ideology. Image source: Industry insiders have spent years in the space and are united by the collective jargon, shared objectives and shared values. It’s great to get together and shout “hoorah!” It’s great to get together and say “hoorah!” The fact that he looks fit and healthy is still not enough to get you to join.Case Study: How I Got My Lawyer Friend Into BitcoinA good friend of mine is an intellectually-curious guy. He is sharp, works in law, and enjoys discussing politics, economics, and finance. He’d ask me generic questions about Bitcoin for years, knowing that I was active in the field. For years, I tried to give a complete, soup-to nuts overview. I kept getting the same disconcerting, subtle, eyes-glaze-over reaction every time. But one day, I tried an inverse approach and sent his questions my way. After some research, I realized that he was only interested in Bitcoin’s role in wartime. I explained to him how Bitcoin could be used to aid in wartime. This was something we had never discussed before. “Brooks, this seems so obvious… why is this important?” I know. But if I had gone on about mining and digital signatures, or the importance open-source software has to offer,… But if I had gone on about mining, digital signatures, or the importance of the software being open-source, I would have gotten the inevitable eyes-glaze over moment. “- “Have there been any frustrating experiences or delays with your bank? “- “How big of an impact do you think the internet has had on the world? “- “How would you make it more difficult to finance wars if you were in a position with high power? “- “Does your overall purchasing power have increased or decreased over the past decade? “- “Would your opinion be that you are an early, middle, or late adopter? “- “Would you consider yourself an early, middle, or late adopter of new technology? government. “You: “That’s technically impossible. It’s a distributed network computer nodes. If you don’t know basic computer science, you are not allowed to have an opinion about this. “Other person”: The government can shut down any computer they wish. They have the best hackers in the world working with them. “You: “You don’t get it. You’ll miss out on Bitcoin if you have that mindset. “Net: No one wins. The More Productive Approach:Other person says “Bitcoin will be shut down by US government. “You: “I also thought that at the beginning. It would be a great subject for you. Have you ever considered cryptography or distributed networks? “Other person: “Not really. I’m not tech-savvy. “You: “Would the separation of money from the state be a good thing or a bad thing? “Other person”: “I think it’s a great thing. Inflation is really causing damage and pricing out younger generations. It’s amazing to see how much older generations paid for land and homes, compared to the current situation. It’s not sustainable, at least in my opinion. But I’m not an expert. “You: Do you see it improving or continuing? “Other person”: “At the moment, probably continuing. “You: “What do YOU consider a viable alternative?” “Other person”: “I don’t know. Perhaps you could explain to us how Bitcoin works. “Net: Another person talks themselves into Bitcoin. Of course, it won’t always be easy. It may not always be easy, but a simple shift in your approach could make the difference between a newbie spending 8 years shitcoining and starting out Bitcoin-only. He explained that there are few forces that can change the world and make a difference in society than Bitcoin. It can be a powerful tool to help both new and experienced entrants to the space understand how Bitcoin can be relevant to them. “You are already familiar with Bitcoin as technology. It’s a good idea to be as knowledgeable as possible in explaining Bitcoin to newbies. Persuasion is better in Bitcoin than force. Persuasive psychology can be very complex. This is Brooks Lockett’s guest post. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc.


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