Marco Falke, Bitcoin Core Maintainer, Announces His Intent to Resign

Marco Falke, the Bitcoin Core maintainer who made the most changes to Bitcoin’s source code, has announced that he will be stepping down. Falke posted the tweet. On Tuesday, the prolific Bitcoin developer posted a tweet saying, “In a difficult decision, I concluded that I would no longer be able to continue my role as maintainer. While I remain passionate about open-source and Bitcoin, I’m not a good fit to be a maintainer. “Falke also took time to thank his sponsors. Paradigm and Okcoin provided funding for his latest project. Falke was a very active participant in Bitcoin development, having merged more changes into Bitcoin Core than any other person. Bitcoin Magazine has previously covered Falke’s daily work as a Bitcoin Core repository keeper. This included his rise to the top in terms of the number of changes submitted to the project.

Falke’s contributions to testing infrastructure were the most significant. This was something he identified early in the project as an inefficiency that he was passionately about improving. Testing is crucial for ensuring continuity across networks and quality assurance. These roles are vital, but they don’t control Bitcoin. Bitcoin users who have full nodes must opt in to the code changes approved by Bitcoin Core maintainers. This adds an additional layer of checks and balances.


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