Ledger Announces New Ledger Stax Wallet

The company unveiled a new stylish hardware wallet designed by a former Apple engineer at a Paris event today.Author:BtcCaseyPublish date:Dec 6, 2022The company unveiled a new stylish hardware wallet designed by a former Apple engineer at a Paris event today.Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has announced a new wallet designed by former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, named Ledger Stax. The wallet uses E Ink technology and has a small rectangular wrap-around screen that looks similar to a smartphone. Source: LedgerThe device functions as other Ledgers, allowing users to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offline in cold storage. The device’s front will have a customizable display that can show photos or NFTs. It is currently available for pre-order at Best Buy. The Stax will be available at Best Buy, as they currently stock the Ledger Nano S Plus, and Nano X devices. Source: LedgerThe Stax is a premium product that goes beyond the Ledger Nano S which is small and has similar features to a USB drive. The company also has the perfect timing, as many people are reconsidering their desire to self-custody cryptocurrency following the collapse of the FTX exchange. Fortune Crypto asked a spokesperson for the company to confirm that Ledger had two of its best-ever sales days in November. Fadell also explained his reasoning to Fortune Crypto, saying that “We need a user friendly — no, a “user-delightful” — tool to bring digital assets security to the rest, not just the geeks.” Although there is much debate in the Bitcoin Maximalism community about whether wallets that are compatible with altcoins should be used and promoted, more users practicing self-custody rather than trusting in custodians could be considered an educational benefit to the ecosystem. The device could also be attractive and well-designed to encourage more people to try it. Tagsterms :hardware walletsLedgerWallets


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