How I’ll Talk to Family Members About Bitcoin This Thanksgiving

Opinion. The best way to address family members at Thanksgiving is when the orange coins come up in conversation. This is the whole article. In all sincerity, it’s the message: Don’t do that. It’s not worth it. You’re not an exuberant teenager looking for bragging credit or newfound wisdom. You are not a preaching priestess trying to save lost souls just before the day of reckoning. We have time. Instead, just let people be. Seriously. They came to Thanksgiving dinner in order to enjoy time with their families, laugh, share stories, and relax. Even if it’s about the monetary system, which no one understands anyway. Realize it. If you aren’t convinced by this Dale Carnegie-esque social approach and still believe that your few words between bites can change anyone’s mind on anything, here’s some serious reasons why you shouldn’t tell friends and family about Bitcoin, the protocol — but most importantly not bitcoin, the asset. Your friends and family don’t want it. For op-sec reasons you don’t want the attention drawn to the fact that you likely have a decent amount of bitcoin. Family and close friends should be able to confide in you, but gossip can only hurt your chances of finding bitcoin interesting. Everyone gets the price they deserve. “21 Lessons” Gigi states that bitcoin will be understood as soon as it is ready. I also believe that you will receive the first fraction of a bitcoin as soon you are ready. Everyone will receive?itcoin at precisely the right time. It’s unlikely that your uncle or mother in law will be there at the right time. This means that your evangelizing would not be to lost, ignorant souls who are ready to be saved, but to the tired, huddled, and jaded masses who care less about the discovery of Big Government, the internet, and internal combustion engine. This is a big deal. However, it is likely that your audience has had several touchpoints and rejected Bitcoin for this or that FUD. It’s a scam, it seems strange, it’s dead; let us trust the central bankers who have our best interests at heart. FUD busting will not change that impression. Nobody holds uninformed or fringe convictions for rational purposes. This is why bitcoin is the best money. Be classy. But I’m not saying that you should never talk about Bitcoin. We love to talk Bitcoin. That’s why we attend meetups, join Twitter Spaces and write, code, run nodes. We also listen to podcasts and attend conferences. These people are interested in the monetary rebellion and have opted to be part. Your family members are not aware of this and will not be able to stop you from introducing them to multisig and Lightning transactions. This is personal and not public. It also doesn’t have the time constraints that we often worry about. It requires someone who is both interested in the topic and available to answer questions. It’s rare. Keep it alive. Last year, I wrote about the proper role for political conversations in social settings. It’s appropriate to cite this because November was also an election month. “Politics,” I’m beginning to believe, best be kept in the closet — rebranded for the occasion. Or maybe the bedroom, with the people you love and trust most. You should not be in public with strangers, friends, or with others in your community. You must get rid of it as soon as possible. Don’t let politics or political disagreements take over the areas of your life that you love. Our lives are too important not to be ruled by (mostly contrived). “These words are more relevant today than they were back then. I believe the same is true for bitcoin. Everyone has an opinion or impression of bitcoin, and most of them are wrong. People love a savior in white armour, who rides in to correct their mistakes about something they are just getting into. Like politics, no one really cares. They will find bitcoin in the time they choose, just as all of us did. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.Tagsterms:HolidayThanksgiving


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