Coinkite launches its new Flagship Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Coldcard q1

The new COLDCARD improves on the Mk4’s features by adding a QWERTY keypad, a large LCD screen, and a QR scanner. Coinkite, a bitcoin hardware company, is launching a higher-end COLDCARD with a full QWERTY keypad, a larger LCD display, and a QR scanner. The COLDCARD Q1 is also battery-powered, so it doesn’t need to be connected to a power source or a computer. Coinkite founder NVK stated that a QWERTY device was something they had always wanted to create for quick passphrase input and battery power. “We’ve been playing with QR scanners for years and finally found a secure way to do it. This is the ultimate hardware wallet, and I am very excited about it.

The COLDCARD Q1 is a modern version of the BlackBerry. The secure elements introduced last year with the Mk4 are enclosed in a gray stealth body. Other features borrowed from the Mk4 include NFC compatibility and USB virtual disk mode. The USB-C connector, activity LEDs and USB card speed. The Q1 goes further than the Mk4, however, adding a second SD slot, a larger LCD screen, the ability to use batteries for energy, a QR code scanner that uses LED illumination and advanced scanning algorithms, as well as a 50-key QWERTY keyboard. It also comes with a flashlight.

The QR scanner for the Q1 is located at the top of this unit. It connects to the COLDCARD internalally via a 2-wire serial port. This means that there is less chance of scanned data doing more than what it appears, according to Coinkite. This module decodes your bitcoin deposit address and other data in lightning conditions. It also has a super bright LED to illuminate your mountain-top cave. Coinkite docs: Think highly-optimized grocery shop scanner, not a cellphone camera struggling to read the QR.”

The COLDCARD Q1 has a specialized QR scanner equipped with an LED. This allows users to scan in low-light conditions. (Q1/Coinkite)
Pre-sales of the new COLDCARDQ1 are now open, but it is still not scheduled for release.


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