Choose Your Fighter: Bitcoin Maxis Vs. Fiat Maxis

This editorial is by Tim Niemeyer (co-host of Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup). SourceBitcoin maximalists have had an incredible year. Many of the mainstream’s negative views remain, despite being browbeat by the recent price drawdown and appearing prophetic bell-ringers for the dumpster fire that is “crypto.” It is concerning that their centralised, authoritarian counterparts (referred here as fiat maximists) somehow retain an air of superiority within the mainstream. Both Bitcoin maxis (and fiat maxis) share some similarities in their structures. However, how they attempt to achieve their goals is where they differ greatly. I would even consider myself a formidable opponent in “Tekken”. These experiences have taught me to use the “choose a fighter” paradigm in real-world comparisons. I create a mental list of attributes that I can use to help me choose the right course of action, whether I’m choosing the best side of a debate, which ideology is the best or which strategy is the best for a particular game. What would it look like to compare Bitcoin maxis and fiat maxis? Is one side more persuasive? Is one strategy better than the other? Is it that one strategy is more suited to winning in “the game of monetary dominance?” Let’s compare…Structurally SimilarSourceShinobi recently defined Bitcoin maxis as those who focus on Bitcoin, share criticism of other technologies and are constantly preaching the virtues of Bitcoin. Stephan Livera defines Bitcoin Maximalism to “the view that the world will live on a Bitcoin standard …”” and that “maximalists want Bitcoin to be clearly distinguished from “crypto.” A potential framing of the toxic aspects of Bitcoin maximalism could be those preaching further out on the spectrum of decentralized (versus centralized), individualistic (versus collectivist) and laissez-faire (versus authoritarian), often confrontationally and controversially.Conversely, when we apply these terms to fiat maxis, we can start to see some common themes. They are focused on fiat currencies and criticize Bitcoin and pseudocompeting technologies. They also preach the virtues and coercive currency the almighty dollar. The fiat maxi believes that we all will continue to follow the fiat standard. They also try to group Bitcoin and “crypto”. The most harmful aspects of fiat maximalism are those that fall further outside the spectrum of centralized (versus distributed), collectivist, individualistic, and authoritarian (versus laissez faire). These are the people who want you to eat bugs, live in a pod and, as the World Economic Forum says, “own nothing” while “being happy.” It’s easy to see that we are all very similar when compared with these categories. We all want what we want in the manner we want. You and I are not so different. We are two sides of one coin! Time to start singing “Kumbaya”? No? No. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, pause, take a deep breathe, and try to understand why it’s not so bad. These comments are not bugs, but they are visible in nature. Tomer Strolight stated that “the thing that some people call a “bug” in bitcoin is actually the virtue of integrity.” Many of the GFY-like comments are preceded or erroneously attacked Bitcoin. Toxic Bitcoin maxis draw a line. Strolight also offers the concept “principle-based toxicity,” which he considers an “intolerance for what Bitcoiners consider fatal compromises of Bitcoin.” This means that you will have to give up decentralization, sound engineering, or security in exchange for some form of adoption. Personal growth is only possible when there is a solid foundation to build on. I am more likely to make sound decisions if I am surrounded with people who will tell me the truth. As odd as it may sound, GFY is sincere; Bitcoin maxis are letting the intended recipient know they’re full of it and will not tolerate anything short of the truth, which is similar to the truth provided by Bitcoin’s consensus algorithm.Personally, my BS detector has improved dramatically since I started studying the virtues of Bitcoin. This is a N of 1 observation. However, I have heard many similar stories from Bitcoiners. However, it’s important to stand firm and be able to calmly point out inconsistencies in a constructive manner. All of us should strive to be like Michael Saylor, who is able to maintain a positive, collaborative and illustrative frame. Compare that to the hidden nature of the toxic fiat maximist. These people engage in what George Orwell called “doublespeak,” a language that deliberately conceals, distorts, distorts, or reverses the meanings of words. This language is similar to the toxic fiat maximi. It lacks integrity. It is used to divide and conquer in order to gain more control. They don’t offer any solid truths, but it’s just hot air to increase their perceived power. They use words to influence public perception. Agustin Carsten was at least direct when he stated that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) would allow them to have complete control over the rules and regulations. You are a serious man. Who would you like to associate with? Someone who is principled and has a clear vision of reality. Someone who wants you to be yourself, regardless of what “you” stand for, or someone who will try to influence others who don’t agree with their vision of reality. The outcomes of human behavior that each system seems to create are what is important. I am often curious about the impact of each monetary system on the individuals who use it. It’s almost as if Bitcoin is a force function for facts and fiat is a force function for falsehoods. This fight continues on the main stage. It is imperative that we not only choose the side based on truth and reason but also share these facts with those we love. A grassroots, bottom-up approach is the ethical way of gaining consensus. Fiat maxis will coerce and manipulate you with doublespeak to continue creating their ruling-class legacy. Bitcoin maxis, on the other hand, will be authentically advocating for truth and reason. Bitcoin is to be a signal, what fiat maxis is to noise. In a head to head match, Bitcoin maxis is my choice every time. Good ideas are not forceful. The rate of adoption is rising. It is coming. The good news about Bitcoin is that it is for everyone. Craig, this guest post is by Tim Niemeyer. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc.


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