Built with Bitcoin opens Bitcoin Technology Center in Ejisu, Ghana

The educational center hopes to create and maintain a Bitcoin circular economy and is focused on financial literacy and empowermentAuthor:BtcCaseyPublish date:Dec 5, 2022The educational center hopes to create and maintain a Bitcoin circular economy and is focused on financial literacy and empowermentThe Built With Bitcoin Foundation (BWB) has opened a new Bitcoin Technology Center in Ejisu, Ghana, a city in Greater Kumasi, as a legacy for the inaugural Africa Bitcoin Conference. According to a press release, the center will be managed by Ghanians for Ghanians. BWB founders Ray Youssef, Yusuf Nessary and Yusuf Nessary will unveil the campus on Thursday, December 8, 2022. Various members of the international Bitcoin community will be there to tour the campus. According to the press release, the main goal of the Bitcoin Technology Center is to “equip the local community with skills, knowledge within the finance industry and technology industries — it’s also meant to build community, foster community, and foster a safe place to learn.” The Edwinase community and Blockchain Foundation Africa provide support for the facility. There will be eight employees, including lecturers and administrators. The center will be accessible free of charge and will aim to educate and train approximately 400 people within the first year. The site will be used for education and training, as well as hosting monthly meetups. According to the foundation’s website, BWB is a humanitarian organization that aims to create equitable opportunity by providing clean and safe water, education and sustainable farming. It also provides humanitarian support through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Built With Bitcoin has previously completed many humanitarian projects, including a South African education center in collaboration with Bitcoin Ekasi. A ferry was built for an El Salvador school that had no access before that, and a Nigerian well project that provided clean water to over 1,000 villages in Nigeria. Nessary spoke out about the importance of providing education access for the community. Education is also key to protecting vulnerable communities and teaching people how Bitcoin can help them and their families through entrepreneurship and financial inclusion. “Tagsterms”:Built with Bitcoin Foundationghana


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