Brazil and Argentina don’t need a common currency, they just need Bitcoin

Brazil and Argentina are discussing a common currency. However, this would only perpetuate the economic problems that Bitcoin could solve. Argentina and Brazil have been at odds on many fronts, including in World Cup Qualifiers. As a passionate soccer fan (‘Murica), I found Marcos Falcone’s article a little odd at first. It suggested that these two rivals might join forces to create a common currency. The idea is understandable, given the current standings of both nations in the global economic system. As Argentina’s currency continues to rise year-over-year and sometimes month over month, it has fallen further into economic uncertainty. Brazil is now facing political and economic uncertainty following the recent troubling events surrounding President Lula da Silva’s reelection. Lula was accused of corruption in his campaign for 2022. Falcone claims that President Lula da Silva and Sergio Massa, Argentina’s economic minister have discussed a possible trade currency between the two countries. This will, without a doubt, deprive the Argentinean and Brazilian people of more wealth. Despite the sweet words that Lula da Silva or Argentina President Alberto Fernandez might whisper to their respective populaces’ ears, the only victory would likely be on their side. Falcone also shares this concern in his article. He provides a detailed account of Argentina and Brazil’s economic histories and a strong argument for why their proposed fiat solution is not a legitimate reform. Michael Malice, an anarchist author and podcaster, said that every country is in anarchy toward every other country. This means that Brazil and Argentina have the best chance of stabilizing their trade and boosting both their economies through Bitcoin. It is important to not underestimate the trade stabilization benefits of a shared, objective and cardinal valuation of goods shipped between the countries. This is tied to a digital cryptocurrency that is not controlled either by Brazil or Argentina. Officials on both sides can rest easy knowing their countries are not being overthrown by their neighbor, and that their citizens are gaining economic benefits simultaneously with their counterparts. Knowing what politicians dream about, this solution seems unlikely. We don’t need these politicians to implement international trade. However, we can still run nodes without the permission from Fern?ndez, Lula da Silva or any other paramilitary politician. But formal Bitcoin adoption is possible. Just look at El Salvador. The only thing that needs to be done on a political front is to grant some formal permission to use Bitcoin, and possibly some encouragement through light propagandism. The rest of the work will be done through the miners, node runners and Bitcoin enthusiasts in the two countries and around the world.The People Are Ready For BitcoinAnd the political groundwork may have already started in both countries.Conflicting accounts coming out of Brazil, including a statement from a federal deputy, have suggested that bitcoin has the potential to become legal tender. Javier Milei (current federal deputy of Buenos Aires), is one of the upcoming presidential candidates. He is a passionate, boisterous and Austrian-disciplined economic economist. He is known for saying that Bitcoin is a natural reaction to the “central banking scam”. I am more optimistic the more I listen. Bitcoin could be a huge economic and political win for South American countries and their people. It is clear that the people of Brazil, Argentina and other countries are looking for a better alternative to what is being offered. Either they seek better economic opportunities or they seek government assistance, as with many other countries. We, as Bitcoin miners, noderunners, and scholars, must speak up for the people who need to hear the message of hope. It is the people who decide what is valuable in society. This makes it easier to communicate knowledge and ideas across borders. It is clear that the conviction and idea we have are bulletproof against any regime that attempts to take over our physical planes. It is important to understand that regimes can’t rule our minds unless they are allowed in. Victor Hugo said, “No army can stop an ideas whose time is ripe.” Jack Williams contributed this guest post. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc.


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