Bitcoin Is A Humanistic Alternative to Technological Salvation

This opinion editorial is by Nozomi H.A.Se Ph.D. who has a background as a psychologist and human development. It was written by Nozomi Hayase Ph.D. As a result of this global crisis of legitimacy, Bitcoin was created. Now, more than a decade later the economic damage caused by the pandemic has triggered a further collapse of the system. Bitcoin’s popularity as a safe haven is steadily increasing due to the Federal Reserve’s endless money printing. The old economy is being destroyed and the world’s leading institutions are now working together to rebuild the system. The World Economic Forum (WEF), a key organization, prepares for the rollout central bank digital currencies. (CBDC Versus Bitcoin) Head of the Bank for International Settlements, Agustin Carstens, describes CBDCs as programmable currency that gives issuers control over every transaction. These powers allow issuers to limit what people can spend their money on. Adam Back, a cryptographer and cypherpunk, tweeted: Link to embedded Tweet here Now, Bitcoin and CBDCs are competing for global adoption. This competition is about different worldviews. This race will determine the fate of humanity. The 2008 financial panic triggered a crisis of legitimacy that led to the collapse of Western liberal democracy. This has led to a shift in authority in our society. The humanistic worldview was the foundation of the idea of democracy that led to the birth of the United States. In the past, authority was attributed to the gods and the sacred text. People sought external answers. They looked to the Bible, religion, and Popes for answers. Image sourceThe shift towards democracy was accompanied by a shift of values. It gave authority to humans and placed emphasis on the individual. People began to look for behavioral norms that were not their own, and started to rely on personal experience. Image sourceHarrai explains that scientists have argued that there is no free will and that freedom is a myth that humans invented. He defines feelings as biochemical processes of calculation and contends that there is no reason to consider them the highest authority in the world.Techno-ReligionHarari, who has been praised by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and celebrated by tech workers in Silicon Valley, explains how in this twilight of democracy, authority is now once again moving away from humans. He says it is not gods in the clouds who control human destiny but algorithms and data in the cloud of Amazon and other big tech giants. This shift of authority is what he describes as a new revolution. It is led by a techno-religion, the belief that technology can save us. He explained that techno-religion refers to a data religion in which data and information are a supreme source for authority and meaning in the world. It makes us believe technology knows more than we do about ourselves. It tells us to ignore intuition or feeling. Turn to data. Harari, who is a spokesperson for the new sect or techno religion, predicts a future without humans. Harari predicts that humans like you and me will disappear and that the Earth will be ruled by different types of entities or beings. Harari describes how humans are no longer considered spiritual souls but become “hackable” animals under the new authority of algorithms. “Warning for HumanitySome predicted the end and warned of a possible machine takeover of the world. Assange urged those technologically capable to use strong cryptography to defend individual liberty. The central planners are trying to use CBDCs to push their technoreligious movement. However, a breakthrough of computer science has given us a new vision of the future. Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, recognized that the system was not sufficient to protect freedom and the position of individuals as the supreme authority in the system. He created an economic system that works for his benefit. The concentration of economic power in a few people made democracy a system of control. The use of propaganda and PR under a pretense of democracy allowed the population to be persuaded using sophisticated methods. This enabled economic liberty. This technology, which is based on the principle of “don’t trust, verify,” places the source of legitimacy in the hands of individuals for the first time ever. Authority is no longer a matter of technology giants. It is now in the human heart. It has sparked a new revival of humanism. History was viewed as being shaped and influenced by divine forces before the Renaissance. This view changed with the Renaissance, which began in the 14th century in Italy. The Renaissance placed human beings at center of all of life. The Renaissance saw a man as a partner in God’s creation, and could actively shape their own lives. They are now meeting up through meetups and conferences. They learn to share the same language and values. They have become Bitcoiners, transcending their cultural differences. They have become Bitcoiners, transcending cultural differences. Each individual can participate in a network that validates their truth by voluntarily joining the consensus. El Salvador, the country that made bitcoin legal, is now a center for this Renaissance 2.0. They are leading the charge. They are leading the way. Image sourceThis is attracting talented minds and talents from all around the globe. Link to embedded Tweet here. Paolo Ardoino is the CTO of Bitfinex. Bitfinex is the world’s largest digital asset exchange. He is trying to create a platform that allows financial freedom. He is also working to increase Bitcoin adoption and to develop Keet. Link to embedded Tweet here. io is peer-to-peer chat apps that are created without a central server. Link to embedded Tweet here. Image source. Positive changes are already taking place. Bitcoin Renaissance 2.0 is a new wave of ideas that attracts capital and investors to help people create alternatives to big data and central cloud products. This will enable freedom. Securing the Future of Humanity Humanity shares our destiny. All species share the same destiny. All species are interconnected. What would happen to the ecosphere, trees, rivers, and animals if there were no human beings capable of feeling? We Bitcoiners are the custodians of this planet. We can preserve individual autonomy by practicing self-custody, running full nodes that maintain the ecosystem, and by practicing self-custody. We can work together to secure the future of humanity. Link to embedded Tweet here. The network of technologically-empowered men and women who have become the messiahs that we have created together is a formidable defense against transhumanism. Bitcoin presents a humanistic alternative to technological salvation.Hyperbitconization has just begun. The dawn of a new humanity is close. We humans are able to claim our freedom and responsibility to protect mother earth and all her creations with hearts that beat every 10 mins. These opinions are completely theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bitcoin Magazine or BTC Inc.


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