Best Bitcoin-Only Exchanges

Bitcoin-only exchanges allow users to buy and sell bitcoin using fiat currencies, stablecoins, or both. To buy bitcoin, you will need to register with basic personal information and transfer fiat or cryptocurrency. To fully understand Bitcoin and how to protect it, you should read our Bitcoin guide. Which bitcoin exchange is safest?Non-custodial, peer-to-peer exchanges are usually safer because custody of the bitcoin remains in your hands. Although most exchanges offer high-standard security, they are not 100% secure against hackers. To avoid losing your assets, it is a good idea to transfer bitcoin to a physical wallet immediately after purchase. River, a U.S.-based bitcoin-only custodial platform, claims to be easy to use and secure while providing plenty of useful educational material to help you understand Bitcoin. River charges fees based upon how much bitcoin you purchase, starting at 1.20%. However, there are no fees for recurring purchases. River offers customers the option to purchase bitcoin miners and stores all bitcoin offline in safe cold storage. Swan is River’s main competitor and claims to be America’s most secure place to buy bitcoin. Swan offers similar services to River. The only difference is the fees. Swan’s fees are 0.99%, while River’s start from 1.2%. They offer recurring daily or weekly purchases. CoinCorner, a Bitcoin exchange, is located on the Isle of Man in Great Britain. They serve over 2 million users in 45 countries. Withdrawals and deposits are only possible in pounds and euros. Transaction fees are based on the amount that was processed. Deposits in the U.K. or Europe are free; however, there is a fixed fee for every other region. Withdrawals are available in one GBP or one EUR depending on the currency used. There is no fee to deposit or withdraw bitcoin. Bull Bitcoin, a bitcoin-only exchange that was established in 2013, is easy to use. The site’s opening page has all the information you need about the service. There are no unnecessary frills. Bull Bitcoin can also be used to pay your bills online using bitcoin. They have tiered transaction fees that range from 0.5% for 100 Canadian Dollars to CA$1,000 to 1.25% for amounts over CA$10,000. Robosats is a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange that’s simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require KYC as it is based on pseudonymous avatars. Customers can trade bitcoin over the Lightning Network by using the TOR browser. Lightning liquidity can also be obtained by users who can easily swap on-chain Bitcoin. The non-custodial exchange was established in early 2022. While it has a lot to improve upon, it is set up to be the prototype for a bitcoin-only, privacy- and security-based exchange. 6. Hodl Hodl, another peer-to peer Bitcoin exchange, also offers peer to peer lending services. It is a non-custodial platform and does not require KYC or AML. The exchange accepts nearly all fiat currencies. It also offers many payment options, including bank transfers and cash in person. It works in a simple way: a contract is generated and Hodl Hodl creates an unique multisig escrow. The seller deposits bitcoin directly into his wallet and then agrees to a payment method. 7. Paxful is a Bitcoin exchange that also offers digital wallets where customers can use different digital currencies such as Tether, ether, and monero to purchase bitcoin. Paxful offers more than just bank transfers. They also offer gift cards and airline tickets. 8. Relai, based in Switzerland, is Europe’s most accessible Bitcoin-only investment app. It allows customers to make instant bitcoin purchases using SEPA payment integration. Customers can also set up a weekly and monthly savings plan starting at 10 EUR. It doesn’t require registration or a deposit. This is a popular choice among bitcoiners. It’s an easy-to-use app that makes it simple to buy and hold bitcoin. 9. Bisq is a peer-to-peer, decentralized bitcoin exchange that allows anyone with a computer to buy or sell bitcoins in exchange for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. It is not a company, but free software that does not require any centrally controlled servers or has no single point of failure. This makes Bisq the ideal choice for people who wish to keep their privacy. Although Cash App is not an exchange, it is a peer to peer payment system that allows users buy and sell bitcoins. Although the platform allows investors to transfer bitcoin into their wallets, withdrawals are limited at $2,000 per day or $5,000 every seven days. Cash App charges a fee based on market volatility and volume. This is disclosed at the time of purchase. You will find the right bitcoin-only platform for you if you are looking for convenience, privacy, enhanced security, and enhanced security with a non custodial service. To get the best idea, just follow our guide. The lowest fees for Bitcoin exchanges are usually CashApp and Relai. They also have the most competitive fees. There are many fees, including withdrawal and trading fees, so it is important to keep an eye on the T&C of any exchange you use. This has been a recommendation of exchanges for years. This simple transfer from an exchange would have saved you huge losses in the past.


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