An Orange Pill for Bitcoiners

Bitcoin is still early in its adoption curve. It seems that Bitcoin convicted criminals need an orange pill. This opinion editorial was written by Austin Herbert, a producer of “The Mark Moss Show.” How do I know that Bitcoiners are suckered at orange pilling?” We are now at.01% penetration. This is just one of 10,000 people who have been persuaded to become Bitcoiners.

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It is not clear what the exact number will be. It could be as low as.01%, or as high at.05%. We are still very early. This is a percentage of the total population of 2.2 billion. Why? Because he only takes into account people with a net worth of $10,000 or more. We are not talking about how to store our wealth in bitcoin. Instead, we are talking about how to measure the medium-of exchange network. 250,000 divided by 2.2 million equals.01%. Bitcoiners believe that everyone gets the price they are due. We have the opportunity to create a new system. A fair system. A system that will last long after we’re gone. To make our new system work, we must fund it. We must defund fiat. How can we do that? We offer people the option to vote with their money or to opt out. They won’t vote for bitcoin until they know how to use it. This is my story and how I believe we get the majority of people to adopt Bitcoin. Origin StoryIt has been so long since I can remember how I saw the world before becoming a Bitcoiner. This is a problem. It’s difficult to see the world from a non-Bitcoiners perspective. Everything can be reconnected to Bitcoin for me and you. It’s obvious. And I mean everything, just ask my ex-girlfriend.Climate crisis? Bitcoin can fix that. Inflation crisis? Bitcoin can fix that. Food crisis? Bitcoin can solve that. Authoritarian crisis? That is what Bitcoin can fix. What is the Shitcoin crisis? That is why Bitcoin can fix it. It’s like I’ve always believed this way. If I can’t get out of the rabbit hole again, where should I go? I tell everyone about my epiphany. I believe Bitcoin can fix everything. I want people close to me to see the same. I don’t want my name to be the only one who sails into this blue ocean of opportunities after this system crashes. This is what happened…Force PillingI started by the people I cared the most. My sister, my mother, and my best friends. This worked to a certain degree. This is what I call a forced pill. They listened to my pitch for Bitcoin and then invested. It was only in hindsight that it dawned on me that they had invested money because they believed I would make them money. Some of these forced pills helped me escape velocity and make it part of the.01%. This was a rare exception. They don’t care about bitcoin. They treat bitcoin like any other asset in their portfolios. This is why they force-pill people. A really skilled, scum-bag marketer gains the trust of said person and then sells them an “opportunity switching” (in layman’s terms: “old doesn’t work, my next way does.” It sounds like a great opportunity to make a lot money. Bitcoin’s pitch is not about money. Plan B’s stock to-flow model worked, but that didn’t change the underlying dynamics. Only difference between me, and that scumbag marketer was that he had first to gain their trust before he could sell them that “opportunity switching.” but different.

If you want to force-pill people, then use the concept that fiat won’t work and that bitcoin will. Keep it simple. But that is not the purpose of this article. I wanted people to join the.01% to see what I see and to be a part this new system. Let’s now talk about my experiences in moving out of the trust spectrum. (I define the trust spectrum as: spouse/parent or complete stranger). Moving across the Trust SpectrumBitcoin is such an intricate topic. It was difficult to even start the orange-pilling process. Perhaps I started with logic. “It’s decentralized, peer to peer network–that no one can stop!” “Be honest. Is that something you’ve ever tried? They lost their interest at the third word… “decentralized.” What about something vaguer and more meme-like? “Rules, not rulers!” is an example. Closer… they paused, it’s catchy. There are many catchy hooks in Bitcoin. We are still at.01% adoption.

The catch phrase above was one that I noticed when Mark Moss and Uncle Marty were recording at his studio in Austin. You might think, “Alright, so what? Let’s put them all together, logically and catchy.” It’ll work …” Let’s try it! It’s digital gold! It’s quicker, more rare, instant portable, and more easily divisible. It eliminates every failure point gold has. It’s only one tenth the price! According to Clark Moody, bitcoin is 3.5% of the market capital of gold at the time this article was written. It doesn’t matter. Even that didn’t work. They didn’t join the.01% club because I told them. But why not? It was very frustrating. It was extremely frustrating. They would occasionally see Bitcoin in mainstream news and ask me questions about it. Some even went out and listened a few podcast episodes. None of them could explain Lightning Network. Or how to manage a node. Or describe what a node looks like. Do you have self custody? A hardware wallet? They didn’t even know El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender. I reached a point where I was unable to talk to people about Bitcoin. I couldn’t see the point. Here for the MovementBut, I keep coming back to the same conclusion: we are here to support this movement. We are here to build a parallel economic system that will eventually replace the fiat system. Cough, cough… .01%. We all struggle to unplug people. This is why I created “An Orange Pill For Bitcoiners”. This is my first article and it will probably be the last. A few months ago, I had an “ah-ha” moment. I was at the gym.

Here’s a picture I took of the water bottle that I take to the gym. Random people will often approach me to ask about Bitcoin. Recently, however, I met a Bitcoiner. He was a real Bitcoiner. He was an “escape velocity” type. He reminded me of The Dude, the character in “The Big Lebowski.” We talked and talked and he told me about his friends who are successful finance guys and pensioners, but none of them would listen. The conversation lasted over an hour, I recall. That’s because the treadmills at my gym have an after-cool-down phase that lasts 60 minutes. It tripped me up during our conversation when the tread stopped moving in the middle of multisig setup chat. I swear, this is exactly what he said at our conversation’s end: “You know what?” (Sighs, turns around.) “Man, you are absolutely right. It was something I had never considered before. Note: He is now a retired man with a boat in St. Pete that he bought with bitcoin gains. He came up to me a few weeks later and said, “I was thinking of what you said to my Austin. I understood why I was able ‘get’ Bitcoin so quickly. To put it in context, his escape velocity moment occurred back in 2015. The Dude at The Gym came to this conclusion: It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect solution for every problem on the planet, if the person you are trying sell it to doesn’t know that there is a problem. It would be so easy. If it were, we wouldn’t be at.01%. Remember that The Dude at The Gym was already orange pimpled. He didn’t understand why he could accept Bitcoin immediately. Stay with me until the end. I’m going try to show you why it’s not possible to simply tell a no-coiner about the problem. Think about the “digital-gold argument.” We know that gold is flawed. We know why it is flawed. We know the problem. But does this make any difference? The market doesn’t think so. Bitcoin is a vastly superior product. It still has a 3.5% valuation of gold. This is why even the most eloquent, rational argument still does not move the needle.InceptionIf explaining the problem isn’t the answer and explaining the solution isn’t the answer, then what is the answer?Inception.Just like in the movie, you have to plant an idea in their head. You must make them believe they invented the idea. I could have said, “Stop screaming the solution to people that don’t know the problem.” That could have been tweeted. I could have tweeted something similar. But would it have been relevant? No. It would have received, at most, 20 likes. It would have been a hit with everyone. It’s not hard to understand why they would like it. They liked it because they had already been orange pilled and could relate to the tweet. What would a tweet like that make you? No. Do you think any of those who liked my tweet would have changed their approach if they had seen my tweet? No. Would it have solved anything if Michael Saylor tweeted that message and received 20,000 likes? This is why inception is the best way to solve this problem. It is possible to make them experience it. They came to the same conclusion. They did not. They had the idea of finding the problem. They will then begin their journey to escape velocity. I believe you can. He will only see the solution if you incept him. This was not an inception for the majority, it was for those already orange-pilled. I am defining “orange pill” as an expansion in awareness. I didn’t begin this article by saying that “Bitcoiners should use ‘x’ instead ‘y.” I shared what I’ve experienced, my problem, and I know that you may have had similar experiences. My story triggered thoughts about your past attempts. No-coiners can hear the problem, but they also understand the problem. The goal was to plant seeds that would cause a reaction. What seed did you plant? The title “How To Orange Pill An Orange Piller” was my first seed. Why did you click on this article? Because you were curious about orange piling. Why were you so curious about orange pilling You knew the problem existed, but it wasn’t your problem. This is crucial. Second seed: the story. I told you my stories so that you could think about your own experiences. The problem was solved from your perspective. Third seed: The “The Wolf Of Wall Street” scene. This scene broke down internal disbelief. You can sell anything to anyone. “But you just cherry-picked that scenario.” Let’s change the situation. Jordan Belfort challenged Brad to “sell me this pen.” What if Brad replied, “You will require this pen when the check arrives.” This should be a sign of urgency, right? “Yes, that would work. Right? “If that was your thought, it means that logic and reason will convince someone else to react. He told Belfort his problem. It’s impossible to tell someone that they have a problem. They have to experience it. He doesn’t need the pen at that time, so he doesn’t really have a problem. He doesn’t need the pen. Yes, logically, he will need to sign the check. Remember, logic doesn’t matter in these examples. Inception is when they believe they have a problem. This is when they begin their journey to escape velocity. “Alright, wise man, how do I sell the pen in the check scenario?” Wait until the waiter hands you the check. Next, take the pen from your pocket. Now that they have a problem, it is time for you to sell the solution. There was a catalyst. These opinions are not necessarily those of Bitcoin Magazine or BTC Inc.


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